Video: Oakland-based psychologist Dr. Christina Villarreal discusses trends in mental health

Part 1 of a 3 part series featuring Dr. Christina Villarreal, a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Oakland, California. In this segment, Dr. Villarreal reflects upon current trends in mental health care, American responses following the election of President Barack Obama, her path of higher education and clinical training, her association with the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. and utilizing mentors and professional networking in her community.

The show host is Bay Area native Kymm Wilson of Ground Level Perspective, which he began as an online radio show based out of Oakland, CA, which he expanded into a television series broadcast on U-Verse channel 99, Comcast East Bay channel 7/28 featuring Peralta TV. The producer/director is James Calhoun, a former producer of R&B/Hip-Hop music. James is a prominent producer in the video/film industry earning local Emmy nominations in 2009.


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