Digital Hoarding, as seen in The Wall Street Journal

Digital Hoarding, as seen in The Wall Street Journal

Melinda Beck, a journalist with The Wall Street Journal welcomed me as psychological expert and contributor to her article on digital hoarding.  The speed at which the tech industry is infiltrating every area of our lives is affecting our psychological health, and some are particularly at risk.  This article skillfully discusses the development, associated symptoms and treatment of digital hoarding.

This is an excerpt of the article where I contribute:

Christina Villarreal, a cognitive-behavioral therapist in Oakland, Calif., says she has clients in the tech industry—young men mostly—who spend so much time and money amassing collections of music or games or gadgets that they withdraw from the real world. “They can’t pay their rent or buy food because they have to have this latest piece of equipment to support their habit,” says Dr. Villarreal. She notes that hoarding often starts out as a way to feel good or fill an emptiness in life, but it leaves sufferers even more isolated. She helps clients relearn basic social skills and find other enjoyable activities instead.


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