Benefits of Executive Coaching

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Executive Coach- What Do the Experts Say?

  • “A coach may be the guardian angel to rev up your career.”
  • “Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as routine for executives as budget forecasts and quote meetings.”
  • “Coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common. It’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented.”
  • “Many of the world’s most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching. Annual spending on coaching in the US is estimated at roughly $1 billion.”

If you’re considering coaching, here are 10 specific ways you could benefit: 

  1. Measurable results – achieve goals with greater and more efficient productivity
  2. Deeper learning – about your strengths and underdeveloped skills, how to improve
  3. Plan for the future – develop step-by-step strategies and solutions to problems necessary to overcome for success
  4. Collaborative learning – a space to talk through issues and gain perspective
  5. Build confidence to “lean in” and make bold moves
  6. Clarity on your values, perspectives and passion, which leads to greater conviction
  7. Gain awareness of blind spots – discover habits that may be holding you back, derailing your progress in your professional or personal life
  8. Emotional support, empathy, and encouragement – reduce your isolation
  9. Objective feedback – learn how others’ perceive you in a non-judgmental space
  10. Professional support for improving/fine-tuning specific skills – communication, delegation, conflict management, collaboration, non-verbal and emotional intelligence

coaching_process pic


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