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My name is Dr. Christina Villarreal.  I am an executive coach, health and wellness educator, and behavioral design consultant in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, California.

I work largely with the Bay Area’s tech community, helping high-achieving individuals expand their emotional intelligence for career and work/life goals.  I advise tech startups in building behavioral design products, wellness resources, or improve company culture.  My professional opinions have been utilized for a range of televised interviews, digital publications, newsprint, textbooks and magazines.

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What CLIENTS are saying

“Dr. Villarreal helped me figure out what I really wanted to do with myself, post Ivy League, post serial entrepreneurship, ready to grow beyond my quarter-life crisis.  She helped me come to terms with my own unrelenting standards for achievement, learn how to accept change gracefully and with fewer regrets, and basically take on the next phase of adult life with renewed confidence.”  Taylor, Founder/Entrepreneur 

“I came to Christina after she was highly recommended to me by a colleague who, like me, was working at a demanding startup going through a lot of growing pains.  She helped me regain the focus and balance I was missing in my life.  I’ve learned how to communicate and strategize more effectively, and my success at this company has taken off. The time and effort that I invested in working with her was well worth it.”  Dominic, Lead Engineer at an early stage startup.

“Dating in SF can suck sometimes. When I started seeing Christina, I was having a miserable time dating. I hadn’t been in a relationship in years, and I was struggling with the idea of how to go about choosing a long term partner.  She helped me spot the negative patterns I’d fallen into, and learn new ways of connecting to others, with better results. My social life is much more positive and fun now. Thank you!”  Serena,  VP of Product Development at a mid-sized tech company

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Dr. Christina Villarreal, Clinical Psychologist in Oakland, CA