Dr. Villarreal is available for informationals and cost-free initial consultations for start-up founders and their employees.  She has served as a guide to mental and behavioral health startups in developing their product/mobile app.  Dr. Villarreal has expertise in helping managers of fast scaling start-ups through the challenges of company growth stages.  She can provide effective assessment tools to better understand the needs of employees.  She is also effective at teaching practical tools/techniques for building strong company culture, and provides on-site seminars on health/wellness.  She is now accepting referrals into her personal and executive coaching and consultation practice.

  • On-site seminar topics: Dr. Villarreal can bring a range of effective behavioral medicine tools directly to your office space for improving employee health and wellness.  She has years of training and and experience in teaching relaxation strategies to reduce employee stressprogressive muscle relaxation, self-hypnosis/meditation training, mindfulness, sleep hygiene, time management, behavioral change/breaking unproductive habits, and team rapport building.
  • Health and Wellness Q&A Clinics:  Dr. Villarreal can provide an on-site/drop-in session for employees to bring in health and wellness related questions like “How can I better utilize data from my wearables?”  “What are some good tools/resources for managing performance anxiety?”  “How can I effectively plan to integrate my work goals with my personal/social goals?” 

Dr. Villarreal been a featured digital mental health expert and consultant for a variety of international publications and television news networks including The Wall Street Journal,, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, and La Tercera, Chile’s national news publication. Her professional writing has been cited in textbooks produced by Princeton University’s Clinical Psychology department.  She is the mental health writer in Oakland, CA for


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