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Dr. Villarreal will be hosting an upcoming workshop focusing on women’s sexual health:

Aquitaine Wine Bar & Bistro, San Francisco, CA  May 27th, 2015, 7 pm-10 pm

shutterstock_195368138 Dating & Sex in SF: Secrets for Success from a Relationship Coach Who’s Seen it All (Women-Only)

Navigating Your Sexual Identity: Bay Area Dating, Communicating Sexual Preferences, Managing Romantic Pitfalls, and Turning “Happily Ever After” into a Reality 

“This workshop was born in response to countless requests I received from women I’ve worked with professionally, as a way to continue the conversation about sex/relationship health, and allow a larger community of women to participate.  I will be sharing some of the most valuable pieces of what I’ve learned from helping women.  I am grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with so many!  I want to pass along how they gained new insights about their patterns, overcome blind spots, change course and try new behaviors.  Along with that progress came new ways of seeing themselves as worthy of love and affection, as well as an increased ability to enjoy sex in new ways. These gains opened up doors for them in all areas of their life, as they came to see themselves with more clarity.”
– Dr. Christina Villarreal
Topics to be covered include:
(followed by a Q & A period)
  • shopping for a sexual partner/love interest:  What are we looking for, and how will we know when we find it?
  • Seizing control of your sexual identity, and figuring out what arouses you physically and mentally
  • Porn/Sex in the media– How has it affected/shaped your sexual identity and in past/current relationship? What place does porn have, if any, in our sexual relationships?
  • Body Image– how to move beyond feeling worried about being attractive to your partner to feeling hot and worthy of asking for what you like in bed
  • Mutual Fantasy Building– how to collaborate with your partner on what’s going on in his/her head AND yours for increased sexual connection and pleasure.
  • Maintaining Long Term Love– practical tips for navigating and managing committed relationships
Handle your business.
Handle your business.

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