Dr. Villarreal serves as Social Relationships Expert for girlsaskguys.com

Dr. Villarreal will be serving as a Social Relationships Expert for girlsaskguys.com, a social community website focusing on love, sex and relationships.  Girlsaskguys.com is a platform leveraging the curiosity of an ever expanding social community, in which women and men of varied backgrounds discuss a wide array of lifestyle issues ranging from dating & relationships to fashion & health, by sharing their experiences & opinions to help each other.

The website offers both anonymous users, as well as its members tools to ask questions, share opinions and experiences to help the opposite sex. The website hosts questions asked by males as well. Launched in June 2007 the website has been funded privately; in September 2013 the company raised $1 Million in its first funding round. The website reaches10 million visitors/members every month, with a sizable social media following.  The site has gained widespread international popularity, with EllasSaben.com meeting the demand of Latin America’s Spanish speaking population. Furthermore, kizlarsoruyor.com is one of the most popular social media sites in Turkey, ranked in the Top 5.  Membership to GirlsAskGuys is free. Upon subscription and through site participation members earn points, which later can be redeemed for gift certificates or other exclusive features. Points also allow members to advance levels, which is an indicator of member activity.

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